“How could you miss that?”

With Tinosys TrueInsights analytics, this management question will all but disappear. 

Our analytics gives you insights even into questions you didn’t know to ask, so business decision blind spots are kicked to the curb and you become a company hero.

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And now you can try it for free!

Your 30-day free trial provides full access to the Tinosys TrueInsights analytics platform.

No credit card or commitment required.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Free” is never free.  You’ll probably need a team of 10 people and 2 months to see value, right?


With our highly-automated, intelligent platform, one person can be up and running with new insights within one hour.  And you don’t need professional services to do it!

That’s as close to instant ROI as you can get.

Tinosys TrueInsights avoids systemic limitations of mainstream analytics platforms by letting you:

  • Get insights on questions you may not know to ask, for a full understanding of your business.
  • Incorporate raw data seamlessly from all your different business platforms (Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc).
  • Automate insight and dashboard generation using built-in data science.
  • Dramatically improve renewals and CSAT scores while reducing churn.

For a first-hand look, see our Demo here.

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               Guided Analytics

    What will you find most compelling in your free trial? 

    • Conversational Analytics – Analyze your entire data population with tables, graphs, and descriptions in natural language; automatically generate plain-English reports and dashboards.
    • Data Consolidation – Interpret your entire data set by quickly gluing data from all your sources and data warehouse, avoiding days of manual effort to stitch it together.
    • Fully-informed Decisions — Use Tinosys automated data science to process and classify data of all types, including video, text, and graphic, and generate comprehensive predictive insights on the performance of all business functions, including customer success, marketing, sales, operations, HR, and finance.